Smart Global Pay

Our COMMISSION PAYMENT PLATFORM can be cash-flow positive for ANY business that makes payments nationally or internationally, and in any currency.

YES, you could eliminate your current processing fees!

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Global Payment Solution

i-Payout Systems delivers a worldwide payment solution. It provides client solutions tailored specifically to business, government and financial services through secure and compliant technologies recognized worldwide.

We have a fulltime presence in Australia and Malaysia, allowing us to service the entire Asia Pacific region.

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Global Commission
Payment Platform

Companies all over the world share some of the same concerns about digital payment solutions: * Is this company established and reputable?
* Is it compliant to Global Financial Standards?
* Can I trust them?
* Will I remain in control of company funds?

With i-Payout, the answer to these questions is YES.

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Direct Selling

i-Payout empowers Direct Selling companies, domestically and internationally, with our highly customizable, flexible and fully integrated system.

An all-in-one solution with options for any Direct Sales organization ANYWHERE in the world.

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We recently transitioned a network marketing company that pays 10,000 Distributors, monthly.

It was costing the company nearly $15,000 to effect those commission payments.

That company now MAKES A PROFIT of $1,500.00 (minimum) by using our Commission Payment Platform, and still pays monthly.

A turnaround of (at least) $16,500.00 PER MONTH!!!

YOU TOO can add that to your bottom line

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i-Payout provides a Global Payment Solution for your organisation and your payees.

We simplify payment processes for organizations and their members. Make and receive payments anywhere in the world, via multiple options, at any time, with ease and convenience. There are no start-up costs, and your current back office costs will be minimized, or even eliminated.

Available to your brand in 25+ currencies and 13 languages. IPS has expanded its banking relationships based upon the requirements of its clients and is now transacting in over 120 countries through a network of over 140 banks and processing relationships.

Leverage global bank deposit, mobile airtime and cash pickup networks. Low-cost payment distribution, worldwide...



Extend your brand to every mobile device on the Planet and enable your customers to access their money anytime or anywhere.

Enable mobile payments, mobile account access, and mobile alerts. Support for iPhone & Android Apps, WAP, IMS, IVR, Phone and Web.



i-Payout's prepaid cards are available worldwide and include a brandable prepaid card for your business and distributors.

Mobile and on-line access available to view card transaction history..

Cards can be isued in local currencies with global ATM and POS access.

Fully compliant and available worldwide.

As a Commission Payment Platform the system has NO EQUAL.

All payments are in real-time, and cross- border transactions and currency conversions done at the LOWEST RATES in the industry.

There are numerous (inexpensive) ways for money to be collected in the shortest time possible.

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